Cartoon strips, Characters & animations

cartoons can be fun or serious, but always a great way to deliver your message

Creating a successful cartoon strip requires an extra set of skills than illustrating alone. Conveying the message successfully, with or without text can be a specialist skill in it's own right. Luckily for you I can do both!

Most cartoons I create appear in a multi panel comic strip of some kind or as a single panel cartoon. I've even created several cartoons as short animations (usually animated gif's).

Each individual panel image looks like a normal illustration, the major difference is the intended end use of the artwork. To clarify, an illustration is a one off image or a series of images depicting different scenarios. A cartoon however tends to be a more fluid storytelling experience, with each panel leading the viewer through a story, delivering a message whilst capturing the viewers attention for an extended time.

The Tigers Family cartoon strip

The 'Tigers Family' cartoon strip was exclusively created for Leicester Tigers. The Tigers are an English rugby union club playing their rugby at Welford Road in Leicester.

The Tigers Family have their own home here, showing their history, including sketches, videos and all the previous cartoon strips that have appeared in every home game match programme since they were first created.