I specialise in vector artwork, and my style is clean, corporate and (mainly) a bit cartoony. However, I regularly work on projects where a cartoon style isn't quite right, and I can deviate and work in a more 'serious' style. I love what I do, I'm passionate about getting a design 'just right' and I'm a bit of a self confessed vector fanatic.

I try to be open, honest and professional. I deal with big business and small business; clients who deal with designers daily and clients who are not even sure what an illustrator actually does. If you have a question, need a quote or simply need a bit of advice then I am always happy to chat. Feel free to ask me anything (well almost anything) and I will do my best to help.

Since 2000 I've been perfecting my vector based style of artwork, but my whole life doodling and drawing on anything that sat still long enough. My business is primarily an illustration service, but I also complete several graphic design projects on a regular basis. As you'll see when looking around the site my artwork is of a cartoon, colourful style and can be adapted to perfectly suit a particular project. When designing I try to keep things simple and often take the approach that 'less is more'. The logos I create tend to be a little more 'quirky' than the average corporate identity, which usually appeals to a certain type of product, brand or business.

It's probably easiest to simply list the kind of work I create and the different ways my customers use my illustrationscartoonscharacters and designs. So here is the list...

My illustrations and cartoons have been used on...

  • Web or TV - websites/emailers/blogs/animation/ecards

  • Print - newspapers/magazines/childrens books/general books and covers

  • Large Print - posters/billboards/signs

  • Gift - greetings cards/wedding or birthday invitations etc

  • General Corporate - stationery/letterheads/cards/calendars/reports/corporate literature

  • Merchandise - key rings/magnets/badges/t shirts/caps/sweat tops

  • Other - packaging/cartons/labels/vehicle livery/adverts

Graphic design projects such as...

  • Company logos

  • Business cards

  • Letterheads

  • Leaflets/flyers

  • Postcards/posters

  • Invitations

  • Packaging/labels

Also a speciality of mine is creating cartoon characters or corporate mascots.

They can be a friendly face for your company or product and can convey your message in a way that is difficult to achieve any other way. The benefits of a successful character are almost limitless. Characters can be used on all of the above...

  • To promote a business and it's products or services

  • As merchandising on a multitude of things

I 'm so into vector artwork that I actually have a tattoo on my right forearm advertising the fact!

I'm so into vector artwork that I actually have a tattoo on my right forearm advertising the fact!

I am always looking for new challenges and it’s always exciting working on new projects (and with new clients). I have created more artwork than is sensible to show on one site, and I’ve created it for pretty much anywhere you can think to place it.

If you need any more information or a no-obligation quote or would like to discuss any project (even ones that don't appear above) then please email at or call on 01858 435689 and I will be very happy to discuss things with you.

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