Character Design

Gorilla Tubs are a great product used mainly by the building trade. The company is based in Leicestershire and have been creating fantastic World renowned products for many years. I worked with the company to help create a new gorilla character for promotion, marketing and branding.

Gorilla Character Design

I was first approached to help with the design of the gorilla character after my previous characters and illustration work was spotted online. The client had a good idea of what was needed but the difficulty was in finding the right balance between solid and serious. Not too soft or friendly but also not too menacing either. The company's corporate colours of blue and yellow are used for the final gorilla classic pose. Here's the final result...

We tried the Gorilla in several different colour schemes and various highlights, shading and small detailed elements. Here are a few variations of the same gorilla. The top gorilla's were deemed to have too much highlight or realism to the colouring. They were perhaps too smooth or slick and needed 'roughing' up a little. The bottom gorilla's were made to look more flat colour wise and some hair/fur tufts were added to his arms. His shadow was also developed to be more sinister and less cartoony...


I thought it might be useful for you to see some of the early sketches and various ideas we tried before reaching the final gorilla design, look and pose. Here are a selection of the sketches I created for the gorilla character.


The final gorilla character was also needed in a tight white tshirt for a specific promotion. Here is the classic gorilla pose wearing the tightest of white tshirts.

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