Or to put it simply, how a creative project develops from beginning to end

If you've never used my services before then I've created this page just for you. Below are some typical questions you might ask and an explanation of the development of an average project. As always if there's anything you're unsure of just get in touch and I'll be happy to help!

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What happens when you contact Ant Creations?

You can contact me by email nathan@antcreations.co.uk, telephone 01858 435689 or mobile 07730 267367. I am always very happy to answer questions and have a general chat about any potential project.

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

This depends on how much work is involved (i.e. one simple image created or a series of detailed images) and how the work will be used (i.e. on a local level around your town or on every television set worldwide). No two jobs are the same, so it is impossible to create a definite set of costs. I am usually quite flexible when it comes to discussing timescale and budgets and will do my best to work within any requirements of a project.

What can I do with the artwork?

This depends on what you intend to do with the final images. I don't usually sell Copyright on a image (unless it's a logo). When Copyright is not purchased I grant a licence to use the artwork in an agreed way or for an agreed length of time. This is usually broken down by volume, time or geography (i.e. a certain print run, or a certain length of time or a certain geographic location such as the UK only or Worldwide etc). I can grant an exclusive licence which means I will not sell the same image to any other client as agreed within the terms of the licence. All original artwork remains the property of Ant Creations.

How and when do I pay?

Dependant on the project I usually need a deposit before starting any work. Full payment is normally required before the final artwork is sent.

The examples I send during the design process will be watermarked jpeg's. When the artwork is finalised I then send an invoice which is immediately payable by online banking, cheque or PayPal. Once full payment has been received the final artwork in whatever formats you choose is emailed to you.

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When a client first approaches me with a brief they may or may not have a set idea of how the final artwork will look. A project may be very rigid from the outset or totally open with no pre-conceived ideas. Sometimes a project begins as one things and becomes something quite different as the ideas and artwork develop, not only on the screen but also in a clients mind. Regardless of how rigid the brief a project usually follows a similar path until complete.

Below is a detailed explanation of the development of the average project...

Telephone or email contact - When you get in contact I will always try to respond promptly. At this stage I need to know as much detail as possible regarding the project. This usually means a few emails back and forth or a telephone conversation to discuss the brief (remember you can get more info and fill out the form on the 'prices' page)

Quote sent via email - Once I have all the information necessary I will email a full quote explaining the estimated costs for a project. I can tailor each quote to contain as much detail as necessary and break down costs according to the complexity of the brief.

Stage 01 - Sketches (or vectors)


When we've agreed on the costs the initial stage is usually a number of sketches. This stage involves many quick sketches and ideas for the artwork. The early spark of an idea or concept becomes apparent and usually for the first time the artwork is something visual. (Depending on the project occasionally a brief will go straight to vectors).

Stage 02 - Vectors 01 (or sketches)


Following your feedback from stage 01 I will create the initial vector artwork. The shift from sketch to vector is quite considerable, and the artwork begins to have some real life and vibrancy. (Depending on the project occasionally another stage of sketches is required).

Stage 03 - Vectors 02


Usually at this stage the artwork is nearing completion. Depending on the project, shading and highlights are added, along with rich details to bring a real complete feel to the artwork. It is at this stage that we can try numerous variations in colour and layout etc.

Stage 04 - Final Artwork

The final vector artwork is sent to you via email. The artwork is usually an eps file and created in a way that makes the file as adaptable as possible so that the design can be used and reused in future projects if required. I can obviously supply you with any other file formats that you may need.

For a full selection of projects undertaken on behalf of various clients please check out my portfolio pages. Choose from illustrationcharacter designcartoonslogos or graphic design. You can also check out (below) a little time lapse video showing how a piece of vector artwork is created. Lots more videos are available on my video page by clicking here.

If you need any more information and a no-obligation quote or would like to discuss a project or perhaps simply ask a general question then please email at nathan@antcreations.co.uk or call on 01858 435689 and I will be very happy to discuss things with you.