The Healthy Mutt is a great company based in Orange County in California. They provide all sorts of food and treat products for dogs with the emphasis on "natural ingredients of unquestionable origin". I have been working with the company on various projects for several years. Below are some of the projects I have helped create.



I was first approached to help with the design of the company logo after a previous design of mine (of a different dog character) was spotted online. Marcie DeWolff at The Healthy Mutt had a good idea of what was needed so it was simply a matter of creating the artwork from the detailed brief. Here's the final result and several colour variations we tried...

We tried the dog with several facial expressions and slight adjustments to body pose before settling on the final version. See him below in black and white and with various expressions across his doggy chops.

I've also created several versions of the mutt in different poses. The version below is the mutt looking lean and mean and carrying a doggy dumbbell. This mutt is used to promote the company across various printed or web based marketing media and is aimed at dog's who live a more active lifestyle.



THE HEALTHY MUTT vehicle livery


The mutt also appears on the company vehicle along with the logo and various contact information. In this instance however it was decided to inject just a bit of a humour by having the dog look like he is sitting in the back seat and looking out of the window...

THE HEALTHY MUTT coconut oil label design

Next up was a label design for jars of Coconut Oil for dogs. The oil is added to a dogs usual food and provides a variety of health benefits. The design for the label needed to be fun and eyecatching on the shelf but also needed to contain all the necessary product information as well as following certain legal bits of information. Here's the finished design on a jar and laid out flat...


We have also worked on a double sided leaflet to help promote the company and explain more about what The Healthy Mutt do. Using a mix of photgraphs and illustrations but still keeping the style, look and feel of the brand throughout the design, we created a leaflet that hopefully stood out and was a little different from the norm...


I'm sure there will be more Healthy Mutt designs in the future. Check out the other Healthy Mutt blog posts by visiting 'Coconut Oil' label design and the initial Healthy Mutt logo design. If you get a chance then please visit their site and check out all the great, natural products they supply for your healthy pooch! And as always please feel free to let me know what you think.

If you would like to chat about any of the illustration or design work you see above or would like to discuss any project you are planning then please get in touch on 01858 435689 or 07730 267367 or email I look forward to speaking with you!