About Me - Nathan Shelton aka Ant Creations


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Actually that’s the start of a different story. The history of Ant Creations the 'business' began in the year 2000. The years since have been spent toiling over a hot mouse and a ragged sketchpad! Illustrating, designing and creating characters and artwork for a multitude of satisfied clients has been the name of the game, and far too much work has been created in that time to fit it all on this web site, therefore a 'selection' of examples has been chosen to whet your creative appetites! Vector artwork has been my medium of choice, however this was not always the case. When the business began my knowledge of computers went no further than getting high scores on Tetris! I have spent every day since learning and perfecting the necessary skills to create top quality vector artwork. You can see these well honed skills put to use in the many examples of illustration, characters and design scattered around this site.


The green, green grass of home...

I suppose the history of Ant Creations cannot be fully explained unless we delve deeper into the creative past. My history dates back a little further than the millennium, and we have to travel back to the mid 70's to find where it all began. I was introduced to the world with the fortunate national status of being Welsh. I was raised in the South Wales Valleys where the choices available for leisure activities gave the perfect excuse to stay in with a pencil. From a very early age I have been fuelled by a desire to draw pictures, and foolishly encouraged to do so by friends and family. A lifelong desire to live an easy life led me down an academic path, culminating in various qualifications for adequate use of artististic materials (crayons and stuff!). The academic path was at times monotonous, but mostly just dull. It was at this time in my life that a skill in cartoons was honed and developed, thereby giving a small glimpse of how time would be wasted in the future. Following that gruelling four years spent in college with nothing to eat and drink but beans and cider, a year away was required to forget all things previously learned, and to recover from a life spent in educational establishments (and to put off the inevitable prospect of having to work for a living!).

The boy from nowhere...

What followed was a year spent in the harsh and barren landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. Dangerous countries where public houses can sometimes be many, many miles apart. These 'pub free' places were carefully avoided to ensure thirst was not an issue. When all previous knowledge of the world was successfully erased (thanks in part to those thirst avoidance activities), and this prodigal son returned to the motherland, Prince Charles stepped forward with a helping hand (and loan), in the guise of The Princes Youth Business trust. This help was very gratefully received, and used to introduce Ant Creations to the world! (I used the money to buy my very first Apple Mac).


It's not unusual...

Ant Creations is now run from Market Harborough, near Leicester in the county of Leicestershire, England. Helped and encouraged by a beautiful and patient wife and our wonderful twins Jacob and Daisy. From this UK central location Ant Creations is able to reach every corner of a spherical globe with the creativity and style experienced by many. A style that has been honed and developed over a lifetime of scrawling on paper and staring at monitors. Should the sacrifices made developing this style suit you or your requirements, then I may just be the creative genius you've been searching for!

If you need any more information, a no-obligation quote, a chat or a quick chinwag then please feel free to email at nathan@antcreations.co.uk or call me on 01858 435689 or 07730 267367. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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