If this is the first time you've visited my site then you won't know any difference. If however you have been here before (thanks for coming back) you will see a completely different site than has been here for the past couple of years!

My new site has been built and hosted using Squarespace, which has turned out to be very easy to use. I have been busy adding as much as I can to the site to get it off the ground, and will be adding loads of new images and pages over the coming weeks. So please do check again in the future to see all these fantastical things that will revolutionise your world and change the Universe forever! To be honest the new stuff will just be images and useful pages, but you never know, they might change your world a little bit?

Anyway enough chat. Take a look around and let me know what you think. If you spot any mistakes tell me. If you see something you like then definitely tell me! Relax for five and have a browse. Enjoy!

Here's a jumping duck, happy because it's Friday!