Warning Zone are a company based on Frog Island in Leicester. Due to the great name of their location it was decided to promote the business by using a frog character as a bit of a company mascot. The frog will be used in numerous places but especially on the website and in particular the blog which is aptly named 'The blog on the Frog'. A brand new happy frog character was therefore required to fulfill his promotional duties.
The frog needed to be a typical green frog that can be found anywhere in the UK. He needed to convey a positive persona without being too silly but also not too serious. A fun frog but not necessarily a funny frog. The initial design is of the frog sitting on a rock or a very small island (a frog island)! At a later date the character will also be developed further to incorporate different poses and props.  Here is the final full coloured result for the initial frog pose...



If you're interested to see how the character developed then please read on! As I mentioned earlier the frog will be in different poses in the future therefore the initial sketches are of a frog both standing and sitting. I created several sketches for the first stage and then some additional sketches following the feedback from the client.



One of the frog's were chosen as the favourite. With only a few minor changes needed I went straight to vector artwork and created the amendments on screen before sending the next stage to the client, a version of the character in black and white and also a version using a few flat colours.


Some minor changes were required after this stage, mainly the shape of the rock the frog was sitting on. It was a little too uniform and needed to be more irregular and rock like. Apart from the rock all that was left to do was to add the minor details such as skin patterns, highlights and obviously the correct colour schemes.

The final result (appearing higher in this post) can soon be seen on the Warning Zone website.


If you would like to know more details or discuss anything else including any projects where you may need a character designed then please call 01858 462779 or email nathan@antcreations.co.uk