"All aboard(game)!". I recently created this illustrated board game for Northern Rail whilst working with a great company from Market Harborough called Rambutan. The final vector based artwork was designed to replicate a generic roll the dice type of boardgame, with a beginning (GO - which represents now) and an end point (WIN - representing the future and beyond). The journey represents a train track and each 'place/square' represents a month of the year which also states a different company goal/target for that month. There were some success cards added to continue the boardgame idea which stated some important company targets etc. And to personalise the whole thing all the characters and surrounding artwork represents Northern Rail and/or the company in some way.

The end piece was printed up to A2 and used in their management conference to quickly and simply explain the companies journey for the next couple of years and beyond. Apparently it went down very well in the conference and hopefully helped explain the company vision in a fun and simple way.

The final artwork is below and some close ups to show you the details. I've also added a couple of the early sketches I created which were used to sell/explain the idea to the client.

As usual I would love to know what you think and any feedback you may have. Cheers and enjoy!