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Leicester Tigers - Welford character design - He's Grrreat!

If any of you good people are Leicester Tigers fans you might recognise this grrreat guy. It's Welford the official mascot for Leicester Tigers - the English rugby union team based in Leicester (obviously).

I've been illustrating the Tigers Family (#Tigersfamily) cartoon strip for the past two seasons, and you can see every single cartoon strip as well as sketches and even video on their very own blog.

This project however is all about Welford. Welford has been the offical Leicester Tigers mascot for some time now, but until recently he has only been seen in his physical form. He can usaully be seen on the pitch and in and around the Welford Road ground, meeting the fans and interacting with the kids. Now however he is also famous in his 2D, fully illustrated version!

He appears in many forms of promotional and marketing material both online and in print. You can see him in several places around the ground, on matchday promotional and fun (JTC - Junior Tigers Club) items and across the Tigers external marketing range.

Below you can see Welford in his claws out 'Thriller' pose :) You can also see him in several other classic poses as well as some early sketches of Welford before he was created in his final glorious full colour vector version.

Let me know if you're a fan of Welford and be sure to take a pic and send it to me if you see him around. Feel free to leave some comments below, but please keep them clean if you're not a Tigers fan ;) Cheers and enjoy!

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