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Naturally Naked Logo Design

I've once again been working with a fantastic client of mine named Marcie DeWolf. Marcie runs 'The Healthy Mutt' which provides top quality and totally natural pet food for dogs. We have worked together on several projects and you can see examples of our previous work in my 'case studies' section by clicking on 'The Healthy Mutt'.

This time however we've worked on a logo for a new business venture and pet product range called 'Naturally Naked'. The brief was to create a dog character that could work independantly or as part of the logo with text. We tried several dogs and many different colour schemes to try to get the right look and feel for both the dog and the lettering. The dog needed to be fun and healthy looking but somehow convey the 'naked' message without being offensive in any way. The text needed to be friendly, healthy and natural but also professional. Here's the logo in full colour...

And here is the dog on his own (complete with a branch and leaf to cover his nakedness)... 

You can also check out the sketches I created for the dog in different poses and with different expressions across his doggy chops by visiting my 'sketches' album at the official Ant Creations Facebook page. Enjoy!